Woodworking websites

Here are some links to websites that offer examples of more sophisticated carpentry that you’ll find here:

This Old House. The long-running public television series that actually IS  reality TV.

The New Yankee Workshop. A spinoff of This Old House. The link takes you to where you can watch.

Fine Woodworking. This one is aimed at the carpenter who has all the best tools, plenty of time and plenty of money to spend.

Paul Sellers. Pretty good tips and guides to tools.

 Bob Vila. Come, everyone’s heard of Bob Vila.

Room In Our Hearts. A nonprofit that helps families whose homes have been affected by crisis. It’s run by my cousin, Katharine Koehler.

Homemade Tools, A useful site for anyone who likes to tinker around for fun or for work.

Sons of Sawdust, A family-owned business in Athens, Ga., that makes nice stuff out of reclaimed wood. Nice stories go along with some of their pieces.

Cortez Woodworks, An aggregation site that features articles from woodworking professionals, hobbyists and novices.

Mesquite Woodworks. An artisan site featuring a Texas woodworker who uses raw mesquite wood in his carpentry.

The best damn amateur carpentry blog on the web. It’s a trick. This just takes you back to my home page.



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