Useful links

Here are some random links to tools and products I’ve used, or have heard good things about.

Dewalt power tools. Pretty much every kind of saw, drill and sander you’ll need. I have a jig saw, two cordless drills and a sander.

Porter-Cable makes the air compressor I use and ones more powerful than I need. Has a full line of about about everything else.

Rigid made my first compound miter saw. I liked it and regret not going back to the brand after I burned it out. Will next time.

Skil saw used to be synonymous with circular saw. Other companies make them as good or better. But I still like mine.

Black and Decker. Used to be one of the go-to brands for power tools. Not so much anymore.

Stanley. Still synonymous with hand tools, for all the right reasons (even though it’s merged with B&D).

Minwax. It’s pretty much the only brand of stain and varnish I use.

Elmer’s. Used it for kindergarten crafts. Still use it for wood glue and wood filler. TIP: Alway buy stainable wood filler even if you’re not planning on staining your work.

The best damn amateur carpentry blog on the web. It’s a trick. This just takes you back to my home page.



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